we've conducted 3000+ hours of user interviews and usability studies

Website Usability Testing & Usability Consulting

At Sandstorm, we specialize in website usability and consistently demonstrate the value of creating the optimal user experience before the cost of development begins. 

With an onsite usability lab, working with Sandstorm is like having your own in-house user research and usability department. We've conducted usability studies globally for tech start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations, retail commerce to membership organizations, on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Our usability service and methodology were developed by a Ph.D. in Human Factors. 

website usability testing example

How does it work?
Our website usability testing involves watching people trying to use your website for its intended purpose. Starting with real-life scenarios, Sandstorm will observe, record, and take notes while a user performs the task to get to the core of what works and what doesn't on your website.

Website usability testing allows us to determine whether or not users can accomplish specific goals. It is part of our user experience design philosophy that allows us to collect first-hand behavioral data from real users. Each usability test consists of creating a test plan, conducting the study with actual users, analyzing findings, communicating results, and making design recommendations based on our findings. As a result, we save development time and money and reduce guessing and subjective arguing.

How long does it take?
On average, our usability studies last 3-4 weeks. 

Where do you conduct the study?
Usability testing can be done onsite in our usability lab, across the country, or remotely based on your requirements.

What is my end result? 
A full website usability report including the usability study details as well as key findings AND recommendations (most reports don't - that's where our consulting comes in). Upon request, we also provide detailed presentations that highlight our findings and include audio and visual of users participating in the usability study.

Did you know we only need 5-6 users to uncover 80% of your usability problems? Request a proposal for website usability testing.