UX Design and Web Development for Healthcare Organizations - Improving Patient Engagement

A light-skinned, female presenting therapist assisting a white-haired light-skinned female presenting patient with a floor exercise on a blue yoga mat

Healthcare organizations welcome patients along every step of the continuum of care onto their websites. Sandstorm helps providers to ease the patient journey to care through intuitive healthcare website experiences that provide easy access to relevant and timely information.



ATI, one of the largest physical therapy providers in the country needed to better connect with its B2B audiences and generate awareness of its newest program, ATI First.


Sandstorm developed the go to market strategy, content and key messaging for the new B2B offering, and working closely with ATI to bring this to market. The Drupal 9 site leverages Layout Builder, enabling content editors to create engaging layouts and highlight benefits.  

An ATI website on a mobile phone. Headline says "Beter Health. Better Bottom Line."
Two tablets showing pages of the ATI First website. Both are light and bright with spots of red and images to support text.
Engaging layouts highlight B2B offering, ATI First

More Healthcare Projects

Rush Health

Using user interviews, participatory design, card sorting, tree testing, and a usability study, we optimized the user experience, to deliver a user-friendly tool for providers, their practice staff, hospital staff and patients. Rush Health is a clinically integrated network of thousands of professional providers.

Rush homepage
rush webpage showing care management
Rush webpage with insurance networks listed and an autofill dropdown input
Metro Infectious Disease Consultants

We partnered with Metro Infectious Disease Consultants to design and develop an iOS mobile and web app, focused on automating manual processes, including medical coding, caseload management, and patient management. The mobile app has significantly improved invoicing speed, moving from 2 weeks to 3 days, driving improved cash flow and processing time. 

4 example screens of iOS app
Example billing screen with yellow and green alternating rows
Multi-colored bar charts, a line graph, and a table

Healthcare Insights

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