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Marketing Insider Group
"Should CPG Brands Care About User Experience?"
Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico discusses how CPG brands can use research to get results

"When It Comes To UX, You Are Your Own Worst Enemy"
Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico is featured

"Kentico Top 10 Websites for June 2018"
Sandstorm built the top Kentico website for June 2018 - CLR Brands®

"How Thinking Like a User Can Fuel Business Growth"
Sandy Marsico, Sandstorm CEO, explains how usability testing can uncover opportunities

"How AI Can Shape the Future of UX"
Sandy Marsico (CEO), Nick Meshes (Director of Analytics & Technology), and Karen Bartuch (Director, Strategy & Research) discuss UX and AI

"Gamification: It Isn't Just For Customers"
Sandstorm Executive Creative Director Janna Fiester is featured

Type A Communications
"10 Women in Innovation to Keynote Your Next Event"
Karen Bartuch, Sandstorm Director, Strategy & Research, featured as top woman in innovation

"3 Ways To Meet The Needs Of Different Audiences Simultaneously"
Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico shares her insights on brand strategy and research

Enterprising Women Magazine
Award: Sandy Marsico, CEO of Sandstorm, Named 2018 Enterprising Women of the Year

Women Weigh In On Challenges They Face As Entrepreneurs And Leaders
Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico shares a challenge and opportunity

“5 Ways to Reach Educators on Social Media”
Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico shares her insights on user research

Web Courseworks
Webinar: “Usability tips for a seamless eLearning experience”
Hosted by Michael Hartman, Executive Experience Director



Awarded Top 100 Fastest-growing Inner City Companies in America
Sandstorm places 66th on the list

ABC-7 Eyewitness News
“Importance of Mentoring”
Interview with Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico

“Bootstrapping in America”
Featured guest: Sandy Marsico, Sandstorm CEO

Tech Beacon
“How to Build Self-Organizing DevOps Teams”
Nick Meshes, Sandstorm’s Director of Analytics & Technology, shares his insights

“Three Growth Lessons Large Companies Should Learn from Smaller Organizations”
Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico shares observations on culture

Webinar: “What Can You Learn from Gaming that Will Boost Member Engagement?”
Hosted by Executive Creative Director Janna Fiester
“18 Executives Are Asked, ‘What Will Company Cultures Look Like in the Future?’ The Answers Are Priceless”
Sandy Marsico, Sandstorm CEO, joins the discussion

“What the Future of Company Culture?”
Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico shares her predictions

“The Secret to Building Networks: Giving Selflessly & Soaking Up New Ideas”
Sandy Marsico, Sandstorm CEO, is profiled

Webinar: “Spectrum of Personalization”
Hosted by Sandstorm CEO Sandy Marsico