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Attracting the right customers, nurturing prospects and generating targeted traffic are just some of the challenges that responsible manufacturers face. Sandstorm understands the complexity and demands of creating and maintaining a dynamic, digital brand experience that connects with consumers and drives ecommerce sales.


With over 1,400 natural products across multiple brands, NOW needed an experience that drives traffic and provides friction-free conversion. The user experience needed to support their health-conscious consumers who know they want to find something specific such as a non-GMO, vegan protein powder as well as those who are in an explore mindset looking for something to support heart health. 


Sandstorm has worked with NOW Foods for many years, through multiple iterations of the website and eCommerce experience. Most recently, Sandstorm launched a new website in Drupal 9. The effort included a UI refresh, robust categorization with live filtering, customized cross-promotion of related items, and an improved checkout flow optimizing the eCommerce experience in Drupal Commerce, which handles thousands of orders per month and integrates with an Oracle ERP system for fulfillment.

mobile phone showing grid of now foods products
Group of devices showing the supplements page and a product detail page
Digital shopping experience
Group of mobile images showing the checkout flow of the Now Foods website
Mobile optimized checkout experience
tablet sitting on a countertop showing the Now Foods Smoothie builder web page. tablet is sitting in front of a bowl of limes
Build your own smoothie recipe with NOW products
products seamlessly available direct to consumers via eCommerce
increase in eCommerce conversion rate
Hermes Platinum winner

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