Delivering an accessible, inclusive and user-centered digital experience is critical. At DrupalCon 2023, our team presented a session on the 10 Design Principles for Better UX and Accessibility to a highly engaged audience; what an amazing experience! This blog recaps the high-level principles.

For more details you can download the full presentation or access the recording below. 

10 Takeaways for Better UX and Accessibility

  1. Improve the speed of your site
  2. Make copy more scannable, add visuals and use screen reader plugin
  3. Include social sharing close to article headlines
  4. Don’t rely on only color for your buttons
  5. Beware of ‘false bottoms’
  6. Add reduce motion and remove auto carousels
  7. Create PDFs gateway pages
  8. Test all colors for contrast and aim for WCAG AA
  9. Write descriptive text links
  10. Include arrows in mega menus and don’t rely only on hover
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10 Design Principles for Better UX and Accessibility - DrupalCon 2023

Download full presentation: 10 Design Principles for Better UX and Accessibility (PDF 8.08 MB)

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