Sandstorm’s Strategy Director, Laura Luckman Kelber, and Creative Director, Janna Fiester, were delighted to speak at Discover Card’s YPOD lunch event. They presented alongside Roger Horchschild, Discover’s President and COO, and Mark Graf, EVP and CFO, to address the theme Dealing with Ambiguity: How to Manage Uncertainty in an Ever Changing Environment.

While an ambiguous request can often trigger fear, Laura and Janna shared some great techniques for overcoming your fears to accomplish the task at hand. The Sandstormers pulled from their marketing strategy expertise to share examples of managing ambiguity in the brand experience and user experience landscape. Applying their UX process, they taught the emerging leaders to take actionable steps to define goals and tasks, and to ultimately transform uncertainty into success!

Interested in learning more? Check out Sandstorm’s Ambiguity Road Map!

Kellye Blosser

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