You know you need to run web analytics reports on your site, but which data points really matter,and how can you use your web analytics to make good business decisions? For too many companies, they either end up logging in once a year, or find themselves in "analysis paralysis".  So how do you know if you are achieving your web and business goals? By implementing web analytics into your site, you have the ability to understand the needs of your audiences, leaving you with the insights to sustain and grow those relationships.

How web analytics can play a role in your business:
For example, one of our clients only had offices in three states. After reviewing their traffic sources, we realized that in addition to the three states that they cater to, they were also receiving a great deal of traffic from two states where they did not have offices. These two states were perfect for their target demographic, and are now potential locations to expand their business in the future.

Every site experience we build at Sandstorm® is embedded with web analytics code that gives clients the ability to see where users are coming from, what’s driving them there, and what (if anything) is making them leave. If you need additional support, we offer a variety of follow-up services depending on your needs. We can train you on how to use it, create reports for you, provide you with recommendations based on web analytics results, and implement the recommendations into your site. Our best-in-class web analytics consulting is just one part of our comprehensive web solution, including user research, information architecture, usability testing, web design, web development, and more.