Over 60% of all mobile phone owners in the United States use a smartphone. To achieve the experience and scalability of responsive web design, Sandstorm employes an agile development process including extremely close collaboration with our UX designers, architects, and responsive web developers. 

Developers and designers work side-by-side to find natural break points within the content, prioritize functionally based on top user tasks, and remove unnecessary assets as the site responds to a user's device. This partnership produces a better end result in less time, and our clients get the opportunity to see our progress along the way.

With thoughtful execution on the initial design concepts, our in-house team develops with constant testing at every step of the way on all supported devices, including phone, tablet, and desktop experiences on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems. This ongoing checking and rechecking ensures that the responsive web sites we develop are compatible with the most up-to-date software and devices, AND delivers a user experience aligned with user goals and expectations.

At Sandstorm, responsive web development is an attentive and agile process of building, problem-solving, innovating and, ultimately, producing a web site that creates the best user experience for our clients and yours. Whether we're developing in a responsive code base in Drupal, or native HTML, the development methodology remains the same.

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Sandy Marsico
Founder & CEO

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