We are a unique blend of philosophers, artists, educators, musicians, scientists, and poets

We live, eat, and breathe strategy, UX, data and design thinking. We don’t simply make creative things; we are compelling storytellers. We have that unique talent to leverage emerging technologies to build a connection. So no matter what challenge you give us, we’ll take ownership of it, and we don’t give up. We call this our “warrior spirit,” one of three core values.

We have pets named:
Elly, Lila, Leroy, Jack, Ruthie, Lucille, Hank, Norman, Riley, Fritzi, Spike, Sugar, Missy Elliecat, Louie, Bailey, Mia, Crixus and Ziggy.

Certified Women's Business Enterprise

Our mission is to do good work for good people, and our 3 core values guide us every step of the way

/1/ Warrior Spirit

When we commit, we persevere. And we've taken on some seriously complex challenges. 

/2/ Be Curious

We pride ourselves on being lifelong learners with insatiable appetites for new perspectives and sharing ideas.

/3/ Have Fun!

The joy we derive from what we do is contagious, and it's one of the reasons why our clients love working with us. 

Sandstormers bring a range of interests, personality traits, and life experiences to the office, our clients, and our work

We asked our team, "What is one goal you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?" Roll over our photos to see what they said!

Sandy Marsico
founder & CEO
Go on a safari
Mike Marsico
Director of Finance
Live in another country
Alma Meshes
Executive Assistant
My concert venue bucket list.
Janna Fiester
Vice President of UX and Brand Innovation
Live in Spain
Costume Contest
On Halloween we dress up and get a half day off
Nick Meshes
Director of Analytics & Technology
Create a successful blog about technology and the future
Andy Cullen
Senior Engineer & Team Lead
Go peacock bass fishing in Brazil
Amanda Heberg
VP, Business Development
Visit Greece
Andrea Wood
Managing Director
Traveling to everywhere there is to go!
warrior spirit
supporting our community
Sandstorm partnered with the Night Ministry to make sack lunches for those in need
Nathan Haas
User Interface Art DIrector
Patent something
Senior Director of Client Delivery
A year where I remember and celebrate all of my friends' birthdays
Jeff Umbricht
Sr. Developer
Hike part of the Appalachian trail
Joe Ruel, Front End Developer at Sandstorm Design
Front End Developer
I'd like to become a more accomplished traveller.
Senior Engineer
I'd like to complete a masterpiece in some field of art or technology
Eric Savage, JavaScript Developer, Sandstorm®
JavaScript Developer
Travel anywhere more exotic than Canada
QA Analyst
Travel the World visiting every continent
be curious
sharing our knowledge
at GiGi's annual conference Sandstormers love sharing our expertise
.NET Developer
To brew the most perfect beer. It will be the Beer Singularity and all that came before it shall tremble in its presence.
Have Fun
Place your bets
Sandstorm's super-secret event was at Arlington International Raceway where we all placed our $10 bets on the best ponies!
Abbey Galvin
Sr. Project Manager
I would like to own a Chicago bungalow and have visited my compiled list of major cities worldwide.
Project Manager
James Wynne
UX Director
I'd like to live in Spain.
.NET Developer
Own a summer house in Santa Monica.

Honors and recognition that humble us

Inner City Top 100
Chicago's 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For
Hermes Creative Award

Thanks to our incredible clients, we get to build amazing digital brand experiences every day