So most of you don’t know me, but I have an innate aversion to the suburbs. I am an urbanite through and through. For the purposes of my curiosity, as well as seeing family, friends, and clients, I can venture out to the suburbs on occasion.  I also get the shpilkes when I have to visit anything classified as a “big box” store (Target does not count).

As you may know, Marcus Lemonis was here featuring Sandstorm on CNBC. If you have ever entertained, you know that there is “the house” as it appears for guests and “the house” that is lived in. This is no different for our office.

So guess who ventured to IKEA in Schaumburg to prep the office for guests? Janna, our ECD, and ME!

Thank goodness Janna is an expert IKEAer and had a methodical plan to get us through without me having a panic attack. (I did almost take out a few people with my cart as I we approached the checkouts.) We selected and bought: chairs, lamps, a rug, a plant, plates, platters, napkins, tables, pillows (with covers), all in less than an hour. That HAS to be a record, someone please call Guinness.

On Monday, the Sandstormers were like little elves: unloading and putting it all together to transform the office before the CNBC arrived. Thankfully, I think my IKEA days are done. (Please, please, don’t make me go again!)

Laura Luckman Kelber

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