With 2017 right around the corner, the Sandstorm team has been dreaming about what’s to come in the new year. Taking our core values as inspiration (Warrior Spirit, Learning and Sharing, and Have Fun!), we each set a New Year’s resolution. From running 5Ks to learning a new language to dancing more, our goals for 2017 ran the gamut (you can see all of them here).


Dreaming is never enough for us, so we activated 6 of our resolutions as GIFs to celebrate the season with all of you.

core value: warrior spirit

resolutions: compete in a 5K race


Many of our staff have the classic resolution to run a 5K, but our Copywriter Bill wants to compete in a race to raise money for Open Heart Magic. Bill is a magician for the nonprofit Open Heart Magic, which brings the surprise and excitement of magic to children in Chicago area hospitals.



A gif of several office employees running.


core value: warrior spirit

resolution: plan a beautiful wedding


Lisa, one of our Digital Strategists, just got engaged! So who can blame her for having the big day on her mind? Her resolution is planning a beautiful wedding and fun reception while keeping her type A personality at bay.




core value: learning and sharing

resolution: learn a new language


Most of our staff have been bitten by the travel bug, but our Creative Director John and Production Designer Jason are taking it one step further by learning Italian and Japanese, respectively.




core value: learning and sharing

resolution: learn new tech skills


Staying on top of the latest tech developments is just part of being a Sandstormer. Andy, our Senior Engineer and Team Lead, is going to extend his knowledge by becoming a Drupal 8 expert and Joshua, our Marketing Manager, wants to master HTML so he can perfect our email newsletters.



A gif of several people working on laptops in an office together.


core value: have fun!

resolution: dance like nobody’s watching


Our Front-End Developer Adam will be relieving some stress in 2017 by letting loose and not caring what anyone thinks.




A gif of a male-presenting person dancing around an office space.


core value: have fun!

resolution: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.


Pokemon took over the world this summer, and our office was no different. Interaction Designer Jesse’s new life motto also happens to be lyrics from the Pokémon theme.






Sandstorm is happy to assist in dreaming up 2017 marketing resolutions with you and help activate them in the new year.

Joshua Sovell

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