2010 was a spectacular year for Sandstorm! At the beginning of the year our office space grew, and as the year went on, so did our staff. In 2011, we’re anticipating even more growth for this Chicago marketing firm. And the Sandstorm staff is looking forward to another type of growth – we’re hoping to grow some healthier personal habits! I asked around the office for the Sandstormers’ New Year’s Resolutions, and from the results, it looks like we’re a pretty health conscious bunch. Here are the resolutions:

  • Surround myself with positive people
  • Drop 5% body fat
  • Stop eating high fructose corn syrup
  • Eat better and be nicer
  • Run on the treadmill every week
  • Cook more home cooked meals
  • Read new books, one classic novel, one work of fiction, and one fluff read
  • Eat more organic food and less pizza

So, with salad on our plates, gym shoes on our feet, books in our bags and smiles on our faces, we at Sandstorm Design wish you a very Happy New Year!

Karen Boehl

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