Marketing and usability experts at Sandstorm Design have recently moved to accommodate their growing team.

Committed to providing a creative and comfortable workspace, Sandy Marsico, principal of Sandstorm Design, knew the move was imminent during their rush last year. "I am so excited about our new space and growth as a company. This past year has been wonderful for us."

The new space is located at 4619 N. Ravenswood, Suite 300, just down the street from their previous office. The building is a recent renovation, and Sandstorm got involved at the forefront to ensure their desired space. 

The office is nearly twice the size of their previous facility, equipped with a larger conference room, a usability lab and a secluded office for the boss. "The space allows me to have the privacy that's occasionally required both professionally and personally," says principal, Sandy Marsico. Director of Usability and Research, Mark Jodlowski, anxiously anticipates the possibilities afforded with the usability lab. "We have been winning such a variety of work lately, it will be exciting to see how versatile we can be with the space."

Since the move, core employees Janna Fiester and Alma Meshes have returned from maternity leave and an on-site IA consulting gig, respectively. With their added presence and Sandstorm's latest hire, senior designer Lisa Janunas, it will be interesting to see how long the space will accommodate this growing company.

Sandy Marsico a light skinned female with blonde shoulder length hair wearing a teal top smiling at the camera
Sandy Marsico
Founder & CEO

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