Making Progress on Our Rehab Next Door

The new huddle rooms sure went up fast! It took only 2 days and we were able to walk in and experience the basic layout of our new space. Very cool! We are all anxiously awaiting our two new brainstorming rooms so we can hold internal meetings, conference calls, and additional research work (for when we are doubled up on our usability lab). They will also be a great place to get some quiet time when the crew gets a bit rowdy - usually near the end of the day. And it's been said that Sandstorm is one place is the morning, and a totally different place after 4pm :) We're also getting tons of new space for new workstations, and will have the room we need for growth in 2010.

Sandy Marsico a light skinned female with blonde shoulder length hair wearing a teal top smiling at the camera
Sandy Marsico
Founder & CEO

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