Tomorrow is Independence Day. What does that mean? Is it just the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Is it an excuse to get tipsy in the glow of pyrotechnics? Is it a reminder of who we are and what we do? Does the day mean anything to you at all?

I asked the Sandstormers what America meant to them and got some interesting responses.

  • Cultural diversity, acceptance, and hamburgers, BBQ and tacos
  • Star spangled awesome
  • Fireworks, Beer, BBQ
  • Bring on the Fireworks!
  • AMERICA! Canada's britches
  • Possibility, hope and family
  • Always moving forward
  • Home of the free
  • Limitless potential, scrappy grit, breathtaking topography
  • Cheap beer, grilling and bottle rockets

Some of us are already celebrating.

As you can see, the answers are all over the map. Which is great! We’re individuals who are all over the map. Ranging from where we come from, where we live, what we do outside of the office, and what we eat and drink. (You can see on the left that some of us have already started celebrating.) We’re silly and range from normal to weird (I’m closer to the weird end). Despite all of this, we come together everyday to create great things for our clients, whether it’s full marketing campaigns, company mascots, Drupal websites... you name it.

This is what America means to me. It’s the culmination of people, experiences, and backgrounds to do something great.

To answer all of the questions I asked at the beginning: Yes. Tomorrow, and America for that matter, means what you want it to mean. Independence Day is not a celebration of a country or an anniversary. This is the celebration of who we are and what we do and, more importantly, the potential of what we can (and will) do.

We, here at Sandstorm hope to accomplish something great with you very soon, but for now we hope you have a great and safe celebration tomorrow, whether you’re at home for a quiet day, at the park watching fireworks, or traveling cross-country to light sparklers with family.

Happy Independence Day!

Will Biby

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