After a three-year hiatus, the Guac Off has finally, and gloriously, returned to Sandstorm®!

We were a much smaller company when the Guac Off was created; we held the first one at my house on a Saturday and everyone attended with their families. As Sandstorm grew bigger and bigger, it became harder to find a day and time when everyone could attend. Eventually, the event dropped off the calendar, but it was never forgotten.

I really wanted to bring back this fun event, but knew that we had to change it up to make it happen. Every month we have a “You Rock” meeting where the whole company gathers to celebrate our awesomeness, have lunch together, and talk about our growth. Usually we have pizza, but this time we had Chipotle and all of our secret guacamole recipes.

Ten Sandstormers brought their guacamole to the table. Many were delicious, and a few boozy options raised some eyebrows, but in the end, there was one clear winner. Congratulations to Megan Culligan, who was crowned our new “el Champion” on Tuesday! She won in a landslide with her very tasty mango guacamole.

In true Sandstorm fashion, we’ve posted pictures and a quick victory speech from our champion on our Facebook page.

The revival of the Guac Off proves that it’s never too late to come back to a good idea and refresh it. If you need help bringing your ideas back to glory, let us know.

Alma Meshes is a light skinned female with long brown hair, brown eyes, glasses wearing a green dress with blue dinosaurs smiling at the camera
Alma Meshes
Sr. UX Architect & Executive Assistant

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