Giving Thanks in Our Own Way

At Sandstorm we are a team of unique people. And in recognition of that I asked our crew
“What is the most Unique, odd, or interesting Thanksgiving Tradition?”

Responses were varied, but centered around 3 main categories.


  • A rowdy game of Taboo
  • Board games (perhaps too passionately)
  • A 1K Turkey Trot around the neighborhood that ends with Bloody Marys, orange juice, bagels, and donuts
  • Video Games


  • Half Price dinner fixin’s the day after
  • Philosophical disagreements over potatoes
  • Triple-layered Jello
  • A Thanksgiving that lasts all weekend because there’s just too many good dishes to fit into one day


  • Skipping Thanksgiving altogether
  • James Bond marathons or Doctor Who instead of football and beer
  • No special traditions at all!

No matter who you are, or how wacky your family is, Sandstorm hopes you have a pleasant, safe, and happy holiday, even if you’re not celebrating it.

Jason Dabrowski

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