Digital Marketing Firm's 7th Annual Guac-off

This Sunday was the 7th annual Sandstorm Guac-Off. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon of fun and food (and some canned champagne). This was an exceptional Guac-Off. We had a whopping 10 entries with special ingredients ranging from sweet to savory, mango and pineapple to hummus and edamame.

I know you’ve all been waiting, and the results are in. Being crowned in her first Guac-Off, this year’s “El Champion” is Emily Kodner (with a substantial assist from her husband Kenny).

Sandstormers must like it hot, since the winning guacamole was the spiciest with roasted jalapeños. You can see pictures of the winners, winning guacamole and more on our Facebook page.

Will Biby

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