Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility at Sandstorm

Several Sandstorm team members work together during a volunteer event.

We shorten those critical values into a simple acronym: I.D.E.A. They touch all aspects of our company, whether that’s creating web experiences for our clients or a workplace where our team can belong.

Be your most authentic self – we like it that way

Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, sexuality, disability, and life experience drives us to better ourselves and create more impactful work for all. So we’re building a diverse team where individuality is celebrated. Together, we continue to foster an inclusive culture through education, recruitment, and implementation.


Sandstorm by the Numbers
are people of color
of our executive team are women
use assistive technologies

“Our mission is to do good work for good people. We actively seek out client partnerships that align with this mission and share our core values. And we strive to create experiences that are intuitive, inclusive and intentional. This truly matters.”

Amanda Heberg (she/her), VP of Business Development

“As someone who has come from workplaces that did not value their employees or work-life balance, Sandstorm is a total breath of fresh air. Working under leadership who genuinely care about their people has allowed me to grow, thrive, and do great work for our clients!”

Syd Hunsinger (they/them), Product Owner

The Sandstorm team gathers at the Chief clubhouse for a DEI activity.
The Sandstorm team poses excitedly outside of Wrigley Field.

IDEAs in Action

An icon of a laptop with several people talking on a video call.
There are many ways to get involved including the Social, Scrum, and IDEA committees to name a few.
An icon of an apple on top of a stack of books.
We created our own internal Pronoun Training because what was out there wasn't comprehensive enough.
An icon of a CV or resume.
Improving recruitment is our priority, such as varying the way we source candidates.
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Sandstormers are so passionate they get certified in Accessibility, DEIB, Scrum, CMS certifications, and more.
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Paid floating holidays, volunteer days, and a $1,000 annual learning stipend to support inclusivity.
Sandstorm by the Numbers
are women or non-binary
speak a second language
are ages 35 or older

Our Culture

We've been asked so many times: how do we create culture in a remote world? It's not easy, but the entire Sandstorm team has turned it into a goal with consistent focus. Some of the key ways we bring Sandstorm's culture to life include:

  • Our annual Sandstorm Summit, where we pay to bring all Sandstormers together for in-person learning and fun!
  • Weekly social time, whether that be for the whole company during a social lunch hour or a social office hour for a specific team. We look for and embrace any and all opportunities to connect.
  • One-on-ones with managers, where we can connect deeply about all the things we're working on, professional goals we have, and more.
  • Monthly "You Rock" meetings, where the entire company gathers to learn the most important news and show appreciation to one another.
  • Lots and lots of group chats, like "Becky's Corner" where we share jokes, memes, music, and more, "IDEA Sharing and Caring" where we talk about all things IDEA, the Sandstorm Book Club where we drop book recs, and more!
  • Our scrums are fun! Some days we highlight the word of the day, some days we recite Shakespeare, and some days we share fun facts and trivia from everyone in the company.
Sandstorm by the Numbers
have a sibling
states we live and play in
have a pet

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