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Senior Designer, Tracy Graham is now a Sandstormer

What can I possibly say about myself that hasn’t been said on the Sandstorm blog already...

Oh, I guess, anything and everything.

I’ve only been here a couple of days and it’s exciting to be the new guy. There is so much new information to absorb, so many names to remember, and so many personal settings on my new system, not to mention my chair, that I have to customize. But enough about that.

My high school journalism teacher used to tell “back in the day” stories, and I can work one of his quotes into a perfect intro here: “Who is Tracy Graham, and what are his credentials?”

Tracy Graham is me. I am a guy with a girls name, and I am the newest addition to the talented Sandstorm team, coming onboard as a Senior Designer. My background is an extensive blend of design and photography for print and web with experience in multiple industries.

I’m a designer, photographer, traveler, collector, listener, observer, dreamer and I’ve been raising a dog for the past 11 years. On most nights and weekends, if I’m not catching up on television and wondering what I want on my pizza (I prefer comedy and documentaries, and pepperoni and mushroom), I could be doing any one of the following: editing photos, planning my next adventure, hanging with friends and loved ones, making new friends, adding to my record collection, or riding my bike. Maybe all of those at the same time.

A few years back, a friend and I started an online music publication, so I’m constantly going to shows, taking pictures, and sometimes writing about music. It started as a way to attend shows for free, build a concert photography portfolio, meet people in the music and nightlife industry, and make awesome friends and memories. That soon turned into a lifestyle. In June of 2013, I moved to Milan, Italy for a year, traveled to 10 different countries, and took on design jobs and photo assignments while on the road. If you want to know more about me, feel free to poke around my website,

At Sandstorm, I’m here to produce awesome creative design work (for marketing and websites) and to share thoughts and ideas that help keep pushing the team to be the best. It’s a pleasure to be here amongst this team of bright and creative individuals.


This blog was posted by Tracy on April 17, 2015.
Tracy Graham

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Tracy Graham

Tracy is Senior Designer at Sandstorm. His background in design and photography for print and web with experience in multiple industries makes him a Swiss army knife of creative awesomeness.

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