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Auditing and Consulting for Data and Processes

Every organization has room to grow, to improve, to streamline, and to improve the relationship with its audience. Yours is no different. You’re collecting data, you’re generating reports, you’re reviewing your dashboards, you may even be making business decisions, but are you doing everything you can to be as effective as possible? What you need is a fresh perspective.

If you have an existing analytics solution but would like an expert opinion on how to enhance or refocus it, we offer auditing services.

Analytics Implementation Audit
Sandstorm performs an examination of your current analytics implementation to identify potential gaps or other issues. Sandstorm collaborates with you to identify the key performance indicators and tie them to target metrics across organic search, social engagement, conversion funnels, and PPC initiatives. Mapping business goals to website data, we will ensure your existing analytics solution is properly tracking and clearly reporting status that's relevant to your goals (business, marketing, website, social, etc). After identifying what gets tracked and why, data collection points, and current technology, Sandstorm provides recommendations on how to adjust tools and techniques to optimize your business.

Data Assessment
Sandstorm analyzes your current business data to identify your visitors, leads, customers, and influencers, and their behavior. This incorporates your websites, social channels, log file collection, first-party and third-party data management technologies and methodologies, dashboarding, and other relevant data. We will provide insights on where your goals are being achieved, where you can improve, what blockers you face, how you can tailor your content and navigation to drive conversions or other actions, as well as how to optimize your site for the best operational performance. Sandstorm provides recommendations on what data to collect across your channels and 3rd party data providers, how data should be collected and integrated, and technology to best achieve these goals, supported by data-driven evidence.

Our auditing services and expert insights is just one aspect of our well-rounded portfolio of analytics and optimization services, and our best-in-class web analytics consulting is just one part of our comprehensive web solution, including user research, information architecture, usability testing, web design, web development, and more.

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