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Thursday, August 13, 2009

social media marketing tips to B2B success

Social media marketing successes are strategic – now say that 10 times fast. Every client and prospect we’re in front of now a days wants to talk about social media. It’s the buzz, it’s been the buzz, and now every B2B company is ready to do something… but the big question is what?

I think the bigger question is why? And do you have the capacity in house to either drive the strategy or execute on it? And what is the strategy or purpose for including social media into your integrated marketing campaign – because at the end of the day social media is yet one more marketing tactic you can add to your marketing mix. And it could be fun, and it’s exciting, and more and more companies are playing around with it. But who is successful? And why are they successful?

My social media marketing tip for the day is to do your research and study your competitors and companies in the marketplace that you believe are successfully utilizing social media. It’s one of the first steps in planning a strategy, and social media should be no different. So start your competitive analysis and start gleaning some insights from those that are further along.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Social Media – Our Recruiting Tool of Choice!

I have written about how we are using social media as a lead generation tool (with modest success), and I’ve been dying to try out social media as a recruiting tool, so when we finally had the opportunity to grow our staff we gave it a try and… SUCCESS!

Thanks to a combination of twitter and facebook, social media was THE tool that uncovered our latest and greatest staff member! But we didn’t use social media alone. We used recruiters, craig’s list, and other job posting sites for this particular position. In the past, we’ve had success with recruiters and craig’s list – so like integrated marketing, we will continue to recruit in multiple ways, but I have to say for our web design firm, it’s really most fulfilling using social media.

For all the job seekers out there, I would recommend following the companies you most want to work for… and post your success stories here!

Monday, June 8, 2009

You need a social media marketing strategy: Not friends, fans nor followers

As a growing marketing firm, it feels like we’re always adding new services, new staff, new processes, new clients and new creative ideas on how we can integrate marketing across all media. Social media marketing is no different. A company really needs to have a strategic plan, a well positioned message, and an appropriate voice and tone before they start chasing their customers and prospects to become their friend, fan or follower. Social media can really help define a company’s personality unlike any type of media we’ve had in the past – so use it wisely my friend, fan and follower…

Friday, May 22, 2009

B2B Web Design Company on Twitter hits 1000 followers

Sandstorm Design officially has over 1,000 followers on Twitter now! From wishing one of our employees a happy birthday (go Alma!), sharing the latest words we’ve added on Marketing Addictionary and random social networking tips, people are following Sandstorm and getting to know who our web design company is from the inside out. Now I owe Holly Potbellys – her social media goal has been achieved with 1,000 followers :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twitter update: Our newest lead generating marketing tool

Our tweeting has generated a new business lead for us today! At 500 followers and counting (Holly has a personal goal of getting us 1000) our web design firm has hit a point where we can track our tweeting to a lead. And it is a good qualified lead – perfectly matched for our usability expertise and in the green industry. Stay posted as we continue to build our social media strategy and track the results.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Twitter update: In one month Twitter is a top 10 traffic driver

Our twittering is driving web site traffic to our web design company. This week twitter made it into our top 10 referral sources according to our web analytics. And the great news is that our twitter traffic is staying longer on our web site than traffic from other referral sources. Today we plan to add twitter as a referral option on our request a quote and contact us forms to start to track if twitter traffic turns into qualified leads.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is twitter a fad or will it turn into a lead generating marketing machine for B2B companies

So we started a twitter account for Sandstorm. Holly has put together a Twitter strategy for our web design firm and we now have over 200 followers within our first few weeks. Within days we got Obama and the Chicago Cubs to follow us – which was fun to tell my parents as it sounded impressive. Anyway, we’re (I mean Holly) is regularly tweeting, and we’re testing a few content directions, and building our own case study on our experience with Twitter. As a B2B company, will Twitter just distract us from the marketing that we know works for us, or will it become part of our integrated marketing campaign that we can’t live without? Stay tuned and follow us: